Virtual Banking for Personalised Commissioning

Personal Budgets allow individuals to commission and plan for their own care across sectors and pathways. For individuals, this means taking control and ensuring preferences are considered.

My Care Bank is an innovative solution that has been developed to support delivery of Personalised Commissioning. Once an individual’s needs are assessed, the online tool allocates a budget and allows individuals plan their own care. Flexibility and choice are increased through inclusion of a range of providers, from therapy services and community equipment, to non-traditional support services, such as advocacy and spiritual care.

My Care Bank, in partnership with Santander, enables any form of Personal Budget to be effectively run from a single consolidated software platform. Individuals manage virtual budgets while the funds remain in a secure bank account. Commissioners are able to access the same software and gain insights into how funds are being spent, and assurance that the individual’s needs are being met.